Melting Light

Turri will launch his new collection Melting Light (铄) on the occasion of 2017 Milan International Furniture Fair 2017. A project in partnership with the famous study of architecture J&A directed by Mr. Jiang Feng. This will be the first time for the Chinese designers to launch the design furniture with the leading luxury furniture company.
The meeting between Andrea Turri and Mr. Jiang Feng was 1 year ago during the same occasion of the Milan International Furniture fair, Andrea had been totally intrigued by the original product shown by the Chinese architect, an innovative design with distinguished oriental taste.
Mr. Jiang Feng had been invited to visited the company and during the visit the mutual understaning become very strong and the idea was to create a future co-operation.
After the Milan exhibition, Mr. Jiang has been in contact and invited by Turri to design a collection for 2017 Milan International Furniture Fair. Melting Light, this new collection is able to combine Turri’s craftsmanship excellence with the oriental design. The distance and language barrier have turned out to be nothing compared with the strong determination to launch such a new collection.

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